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Choosing the Best Lavalier Mic

Choosing the Best Lavalier Mic

Best Lavalier Mic 

Lavalier Solutions (for Wireless Video Recording)

Today we should take a gander at a couple of good lavalier arrangement/mic for remote video recording.

The word lavalier alludes to a sort of adornments that is worn around the neck. That implies a lavalier amplifier is one that is worn around the neck or some such appropriate place on the body of the subject being recorded.

Such receivers are to a great degree helpful to work with. 

They are non-meddling. Meaning, they once in a while meddle with the adaptability and versatility of the client.

Also, being little in size these lavalier arrangements remain out of the line of perspective of the camera and thusly adds to the creation esteem.

They are situated close to the neck of the client, generally connected to a bit of material worn by the client.

Hence the clearness of sound is constantly outstanding. 

Furthermore, as these are lightweight sound adornments, the client never feels bothered wearing them while acting or chipping away at the stage.

There are various assortments of lavalier answers for video recording. Both wired and remote.

In this blog article, we will take a gander at the remote lavalier mic alternatives.

1. Senal CL6 Miniature 4mm Omni Lavalier Mic with 3.5mm Connector 

Senal CL6 Miniature

The Senal CL6 Miniature

The Senal CL6 Miniature is a lavalier arrangement. It works with particular bodypack transmitters.

These incorporate the Sennheiser EW, Lectrosonics, Sony UWP, Audio-Technica and Shure transmitters.

The mic head is a little, just 4mm in distance across. The outline is omnidirectional and creates low dealing with commotion.

Omnidirectional guarantees there is no adjustment in sound volume notwithstanding when the subject moves his/her head while talking.

Moreover, windscreens are given that stifles wind commotion when recording.

The Senal CL6 has a recurrence reaction rate of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

Furthermore, some mounting cuts guarantee simple mounting on a bit of attire. The mic accompanies an implicit 48V power supply.

Senal CL6 Miniature 4mm Omni Lavalier Mic with 3.5mm Connector for Sony UWP Series Transmitters and 48V Power Supply

Senal CL6 Miniature 4mm Omni Lavalier Mic with 3.5mm Connector for Sony UWP Series Transmitters and 48V Power Supply

For Sony UWP Series Wireless Systems * Miniature 4mm Diameter Mic Head * Optimized to Accurately Capture Speech

Omnidirectional Polar Pattern * Low Handling Noise * 20 Hz to 20 kHz Frequency Response

Winding Shielded Twisted-Pair Cable * Includes 48V Power Supply * Includes Windscreens

Different Mounting Clips

Incorporates: Cable Clip, Carrying Case, Double Tie Clip, Limited 1-Year Warranty, Magnetic Clip with Lanyard, Senal PS-48B Phantom Power Supply, Single Tie Clip, Viper Clip, 2 x Windscreens

2. Sony ECM-V1BMP electret condenser lavalier mouthpiece for UWP transmitters 

Sony lavalier mic

The Sony ECM-V1BMP electret condenser lavalier

Another incredible lavalier arrangement is the Sony ECM-V1BMP is intended for the UWP transmitter bodypacks.

These are omnidirectional polar example mouthpieces

with a 3.5mm association.

The UWP is a remote bodypack sort transmitter, and these lavalier mics finish those frameworks.

Sony ECMV1BMP Electret Condenser Lavalier Microphone for UWP Series, Black

Sony ECMV1BMP Electret Condenser Lavalier Microphone for UWP Series, Black 

Perfect for use with UWP arrangement remote receiver frameworks

To Be Announced


3. Sanken COS 11D Omni lavalier mic for Lectrosonics Wireless transmitter 

Sanken lavalier mic

The Sanken COS 11D Omni lavalier mic

This lavalier receiver is intended for the Lectrosonics remote transmitter. This mic highlights an omnidirectional polar example.

On account of this innovation the recorded sound quality is awesome regardless of the course the speaker turns his head while talking.

A TA5 widespread locking component has been given which guarantees that the mic associates with good Lectrosonics transmitters.

Also, the Sanken COS 11D accompanies an outflow assurance framework.

This framework guarantees that the mic is shielded from flag discharges that occur because of new types of computerized transmitters.

Also, the plan is water-safe. This is perfect for those outside/area shoots and in severe climate.

It is, along these lines, one of the best lavalier answers for remote video recording.

Sanken COS-11D Lavalier Mic (Black) with TA5 Universal locking for Lectrosonics

Sanken COS-11D Lavalier Mic (Black) with TA5 Universal locking for Lectrosonics

TA5 Universal locking Lectrosonics association (LMa, 400 arrangement, SM arrangement)

Clear and rich sound, advanced for human voice

Omni-directional lavalier receiver

Water safe

Accompanies HC-11 holder cut, WS-11 metal windscreen, RM-11 elastic mount, and plastic case


4. Kinsman B3 Omnidirectional Lavalier mic for Sennheiser remote transmitters 

Kinsman B3

The Countryman B3

This is a mouthpiece outline for the Sennheiser remote transmitter arrangement.

The Countryman B3 is an omnidirectional lavalier mouthpiece intended for some computerized transmitter frameworks.

The one in talk is intended for the Sennheiser Wireless Transmitter (bodypack) Evolution Series. It has a 3.5mm connector that interfaces with most gadgets however the mic is streamlined for computerized transmitters.

The mic catches astounding sound quality with great concealment of commotion and impedance from the computerized transmitter. The general outline is exceptionally moderate.

A noteworthy USP is that the mic is profoundly dampness safe. Therefore it ought to be usable in nasty climate conditions and hot and sultry conditions since it stays unaffected by sweat.

Another in addition to purpose of the B3 is that it arrives in a variety of hues including skin shading.

Commonly when shooting interviews or different circumstances the wide point of the camera makes it difficult to conceal the mic. In such circumstances a skin shaded mic gives the alternative to tape it to the subject's skin, let say to the side that is far from the camera, in this manner totally darkening it from the camera's view.

Comrade B3W4FF05BSR B3 Omni-Directional Wireless Round Lavalier Microphone for Sennheiser Transmitters (Black)

Comrade B3W4FF05BSR B3 Omni-Directional Wireless Round Lavalier Microphone for Sennheiser Transmitters (Black)

B3 omnidirectional remote round lavaliere receiver is perfect for theater, reporters, speakers, and general lavaliere applications

Fits Sennheiser transmitter models Evolution arrangement, EW100 (G2/G3), EW300 (G2/G3), EW500 (G2/G3), SK 1093 and 3.5-mm locking connector

Exceptionally impervious to dampness and sweat for use in hair, on the body, or in terrible climate

Standard pick up (no band) for generally employments

Accessible in dark shading


5. Azden EX-503 Lavalier Microphone 

Azden lavalier arrangement

The Azden EX-503

The Azden EX-503 is an omnidirectional lavalier mouthpiece. At the end of the day, the mic stays unaffected by the subject moving his travel toward any path while talking.

The mic will at present get the sound and record it in awesome quality. It is perfect with Azden VHF body pack transmitters. The general plan is extremely lightweight, yet the quality is great.

A 3.5mm smaller than expected jack connector guarantees that the mic interfaces with a remote transmitter.

AZDEN EX503 Omni-Directional Lavaliere Microphones

AZDEN EX503 Omni-Directional Lavaliere Microphones

Great Sound

Incorporated into All Vhf Body Packs

Lavaliere Microphone (Omni-directional Microphone)

Amazing Sensitivity and Feedback Rejection

Omni-Directional Microphone


6. Sanken COS-11DBP Omnidirectional Battery/Phantom Lavalier Microphone 

Sanken lavalier mic

The Sanken COS-11DBP

The Sanken COS 11 DBP is advanced for computerized transmission. Being omnidirectional means there will be almost no impact when the individual wearing this mic turns his/her head while talking.

This is a water-safe plan and hence perfect for shooting recordings outside.

An arrangement of AA batteries controls the mic. It accompanies a protected RF commotion security framework that guarantees that the mic can smother clamor superior to conventional frameworks. It additionally has a wide recurrence reaction.

Sanken COS-11DBP Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone

Sanken COS-11DBP Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone

HC-11 Holder Clip

WS-11 Metal Windscreen

RM-11 Rubber Mount

Vinyl Case

AA Battery


7. Sony ECM 44BMP Omnidirectional Lavalier with 1/8" locking plug 

Sony lavalier mic

The Sony ECM 44BMP

The Sony ECM 44BMP is an omnidirectional lavalier receiver that accompanies a 1/8" locking smaller than usual fitting. This mic is good with the UWP and WRT-805 arrangement remote transmitters.

The ECM 44BMP is an electret condenser receiver with minor measurements. Incredible sound quality and by its minor measurements is totally clouded from the camera. The mic accompanies a pleasant dark wrap up.

A 1/8" locking small scale plug guarantees that the mic secures superbly with the good remote transmitters.

Sony ECM44BMP Wireless Electret Condenser Lavalier Microphone

Sony ECM44BMP Wireless Electret Condenser Lavalier Microphone

UPC: 027242632448

Weight: 0.120 lbs


8. Shure WL93 Omnidirectional Lavalier Condenser mouthpiece (intended for remote frameworks) 

Shure lavalier mic

The Shure WL93

The Shure WL93 is an omnidirectional lavalier arrangement. It is intended for remote transmitter frameworks and is perfect with Shure remote transmitter bodypacks.

The omnidirectional plan guarantees that the mic can get sound from all edges. This is convenient when the subject is talking and turning his head.

The plan is little and is expected to give an attentive answer for stage, film and different purposes where the wearer wouldn't really like to hotshot that s/he is wearing a mic.

To aid the way toward mounting the mic on to the garments of the speaker, the WL93 accompanies a mounting obstruct with a tie bar appended and a section that is sew-on.

In addition, to help with shooting clean sound quality even in open air, and particularly blustery circumstances, the WL93 accompanies an acoustic windscreen. This limits the blustery commotion. A 4-stick small connector interfaces the mic with the Shure remote bodypack transmitter.

Shure WL93-6 Series Subminiature Condenser Lavalier Microphones, WL93-6 Black, with 6-foot (1.9 m) Cable

Shure WL93-6 Series Subminiature Condenser Lavalier Microphones, WL93-6 Black, with 6-foot (1.9 m) Cable

cf-sort lapel-blast amplifier, cf-seller shure, reverbsync-shipping-profile:Standard Ground Shipping Over 39.99, Tag_Omnidirectional


9. Sound Technica AT899CW – Sub-Miniature Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone 

Sound Technica lavalier

The Audio-Technica AT899CW

The Audio-Technica AT899CW is another omnidirectional lavalier arrangement. Be that as it may, this one is upgraded for the Audio-Technica UniPak transmitters (bodypack) as it were. This is a subminiature condenser omnidirectional lavalier and guarantees to create phenomenal sound quality paying little mind to the bearing of the speaker's head.

The general size of the AT899CW is coy. At only 5mm it is sufficiently little so that the wearer can tuck it under a lapel or neckline. Undoubtedly, it won't be found in the last shot.

Moreover, the huge recurrence reaction section makes this is the perfect mic for most sorts of employments. There is a switchable low-recurrence move off. At the point when utilized the AT899CW turns out to be more impervious to irritating clamor.

The mic accompanies a 1.4 meter (55") link that closures with a 4-stick locking system that openings into an Audio-Technica UniPak transmitter bodypack.

Sound Technica AT899cW Subminiature Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Microphone

Sound Technica AT899cW Subminiature Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Microphone

Less power module

55 inch link ended with locking 4-stick connector.

Use for A-T UniPak remote frameworks.

Greatest understandability and spotless, exact multiplication for vocalists, teachers, stage and TV ability, and places of love.

Low-profile outline


10. Sound Technica AT829cW Cardioid Condenser Lavalier mic for UniPak transmitters

This is yet another phenomenal lavalier arrangement. Intended for the UniPak transmitter (bodypack frameworks) the Audio-Technica AT829cW Cardioid condenser lavalier mic is extraordinary looking and amazing performing lavalier mic.

Being a cardioid lavalier mouthpiece, it has the comparable low-recurrence help for close stable sources as customary hand-held mics. In any case, the issue, then again, is that cardioid mics don't have an indistinguishable capacity from omnidirectional lavaliers in getting sound from all edges.

As a reality, the mic has a 120 ˚ of acknowledgment as it were. That is a minor issue however, as you get an A-Clip to position the mic safely confronting front.

On the brilliant side, most off-pivot sound signs are dismisses by the mic. There is a locking pin connector, toward the finish of the 55″ link, which closes with a 4-stick connector that associates with the UniPak transmitter.

We should investigate two or three remote transmitter/body-pack frameworks covering the lavalier arrangements we read about above.

These are important to finish your set-up of a remote sound recording framework to run with your video recording gear.

Deal Audio Technica AT829CW Lavalier Microphone for AT UniPak 

Sound Technica AT829CW Lavalier Microphone for AT UniPak

The AT829cW is a remote clasp on/lavalier condenser receiver with a cardioid polar example. It is intended for expert business introductions, open talking and theater exhibitions.

The mouthpiece is expected to be worn on the attire for great yet unpretentious sound pickup. The wide-run ability of the mouthpiece guarantees perfect, precise propagation with high coherence for speakers, moderators and different entertainers.

The mouthpiece's cardioid polar example gives a 120° edge of acknowledgment.

The mouthpiece incorporates a 1.4 m (55") for all time joined scaled down link. Its free end ends in a locking 4-stick connector for use with Audio-Technica UniPak® body-pack transmitters.

The amplifier comes outfitted with a dress clasp and a windscreen.

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